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VOLUNTEER Become a volunteer and help with camps such as being a counselor, or just helping with the day to day preparation that it takes to make a camp run. SCHOLARSHIP Sponsor a child to come to camp, providing a donation to go toward a camp scholarship. The total cost to send one child to camp is $250 or a $100 for Pre Camp. However, you don’t have to give that much. Any contributions will be applied to the scholarship fund. WORK TEAM Get a work team together to come out and help with projects that may or may not get done without the help of volunteers in our community. The camp only employs one full time manager and one cook during the summer season, so big projects only get completed with the combined effor of the Methodist Community. (There are always small projects that are needed to be done also.) ADOPT A CABIN The ultimate gift to Caney and the kids that use this facility is adopting a cabin. This is a huge responsibility that some of our churches have undergone. Adopting a cabin means you vow the upkeep that cabin by getting work teams together to renovate or just do general maintenance (whatever needs to be done), and also help with raising funds for materials you use on your cabin. This is a long term in depth commitment and should not be taken on unless truly devoted to the mission of Camp Caney. DONATIONS 1. House Fund - We are working on renovating the old mangager’s house to be used for small groups or employee housing. Any funds donated will be used to repair the house and make it livable again. 2. Terrel and Evelyn Lowe Endowment Fund - Named in honor of Terrel and Evelyn Lowe. Any funds donated will be deposited for future use. The endowment fund will help us to become more self sufficient in the days ahead. 3. Memorials in honor of a loved one - If there is a specific project that you would like to donate towards, you can do so as a memorial. Any funds donated would be used for the designated project only and labeled with who it was done in honor of. 4. You may also earmark a donation for anything you want.
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